Darkside Staff

Ryan Hodge
Head Mixed Martial Arts Coach, Professional MMA Fighter, Strength & Conditioning Coach, NASM certified

Raised in Boston I moved to South Florida in the early 90s. Wrestling and Swimming in High School, I came to the University of Florida in 1999. I swam for UF my first year, but wrestling was more my speed. The University did not have a Wrestling team, so I started a Wrestling Club and stopped swimming competitively. Through the club, I met someone who introduced me to a developing underground fight scene and jiujitsu (Brazilian Jiu-jitsu) program. Back before it was legal in most states, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) was not a household name.  I trained with Mike Lee the founder of F2 Fight Team. After a few fights, I decided to make it my full time career. I have also been a Personal trainer for six years, working with clients of all levels. My intimate knowledge of the complexities surrounding athlete conditioning is at the core of F2 Darkside training.

Rebecca Hodge, BS Dietetics University of Florida
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, NSCA certified

Growing up in South Florida, I love outdoor activities. Most of my life training consisted of extracurricular activities including dance, scuba, rock climbing, and yoga. During my nutrition degree, I started familiarizing myself with strength training. By the time I graduated, I combined my focus of diet and weight training and have been evolving it to what it is today. Still growing, my training style focuses on strength and endurance with attention to the other training modalities. I understand the aesthetics and body composition are the primary motivation for most people when they walk through our doors. My goal is to help them achieve their goals through performance. If you are training and eating like an athlete, you will look like one- lean and fit. I encourage people to train for a purpose, because training for the sake of training loses its appeal quickly. 

Adam Muir
CrossFit Coach

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Rinaldo Santos
Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ, jiujitsu), Mixed Martial Arts Coach

A graduate of University of Gama Filho, Rio de Jeneiro, he majored in physical education. With first place finishes in blue, purple, brown, and black belt categories at tournaments over the years, and a position as referee in NAGA grappling and jiu-jitsu tournaments, Rinaldo has over 20 year of experience as an authority in the BJJ world. He comes to us as a fourth-degree black belt from the Carlson Gracie lineage and brings with him an old and true style that cannot be denied. Rinaldo has participated in Vale Tudo, NHB, and MMA fights as both coach and competitor, having both the knowledge from within and without to coach champion fighters. 

Michael McKenna
Cadets (Children's Martial Arts) Coach, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu coach

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Joel Barham
Level I Striking Coach, Kids' MMA Coach

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