Get Started and Pricing

Please read below, then call or email us to set up a time to come in and check out the gym.
Our Pro Shop is located in the gym and has most of the necessary equipment.

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Strength and Conditioning (CrossFit 352):

  Now Darkside Athletics is home to the CrossFit 352 community. Since we are now an official CrossFit location, anyone with a competitive edge in fitness and strength training can find an outlet for their ambitions here.
  We recommend wearing comfortable clothes and athletic sneakers for workouts. These workouts could include weightlifting movements, jumping, climbing, swinging, throwing, or running. The workouts are designed to enhance movement ability and are derived from various athletic disciplines. Dress accordingly.

Mixed Martial Arts:

  For martial arts classes, please bring a mouthpiece and cup (men). These are the bare minimums but Headgear, 16 oz Sparring Gloves, MMA Striking Training Gloves are required, and Grappling Shin/Instep Guards recommended, if you are joining the Competitive MMA team or beginners' MMA class. Our Pro Shop now has inventory to supply you with these necessities, carrying most sizes at excellent prices.


  We are now offering more membership options to better serve your needs. Please email or call us to take advantage of these offers!