Strength, Conditioning, and Fitness

We offer a full range of strength and conditioning programs to meet any goal, from weight-loss, to professional competition. Workouts are scheduled for 45 minutes and have a variety of emphasis. Participants can expect to increase strength and flexibility along with quality of life through these programs.

Beginner's Jiujitsu

Jiujitsu is a name referring to a style of fighting that literally translates to "art of softness" or "way of yielding." It was originally developed by feudal samurai as a means of overcoming an armored opponent without weapons. Since striking against hard surfaces was ineffective, the art focused on throws, pins, and locks to incapacitate adversaries.
We study Brazillian Jiujitsu, or BJJ, here out of our involvement with Mixed Martial Arts. BJJ focuses on grappling and locking, allowing smaller opponents to neutralize a larger, stronger attackers. With the longest-running BJJ history in the Gainesville area, we train under first-degree black belt, Professor Ryan Hodge of the Carlson Gracie team.

This program trains in the gi, or traditional uniform of Japanese martial arts. It also contains training without the gi. We recommend both practices to ambitious members who want to gain a complete understanding of the art for function and tradition.

Striking for Mixed Martial Arts

This is our introduction to the punching, kicking, and general striking game of Mixed Martial Arts(MMA). If MMA, boxing, and kickboxing are among your interests and you want to get your feet wet without a full plunge into full contact fighter training, this is for you. In this class you can expect instruction in footwork, evasion and dodging, punching, kicking, as well as strategy from boxing, muay thai, and technique from a variety of other arts we've picked up over the years.

Competition Fighter Training

The F2 name has been known in the Florida fight scene since 1998. Started by Mike Lee, fighter and coach at The Jungle MMA and Fitness, in his apartment, many of the MMA world's top fighters have been through our camp. If you have the desire to compete, or train at the professional level, this is for you. Tryouts for the competition fight team are going to be held every semester and are only for serious athletes.